Access Fund


“When Duke makes outstanding education available to talented students without regard to their family’s financial circumstances, we’re doing our part to assure that the promise of today will be able to deliver its benefits to the world tomorrow.” – Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University from 2005 editorial “Affording Opportunity”

In 2005, Duke University launched an aggressive initiative to raise $300 million in new endowment for financial aid. Since then, Duke has developed a series of need-based aid programs, merit scholarships, campus jobs and payment plans. Despite these efforts, students continue to face financial barriers to education. Tuition continues to rise and housing in Durham is becoming more expensive.

In this challenging financial landscape, some students find it challenging to secure business attire for interviews, travel to one’s country of origin to revalidate a student visa, attend professional development conferences, cover unanticipated expenses, and emergencies and adjust to uncertainties regarding tuition and other expenses.

The Graduate and Professional Student Council has developed an emergency funding program to address our unique needs. For more information, check out the program details, learn how to apply and then apply here.

Welcome to the OneDuke Access Fund