General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main legislative body of GPSC. It is made up of representatives from every department and program across Duke University, with one representative per 100 students rounded. Representatives are appointed by each department or program individually. The General Assembly meets roughly every two weeks to discuss GPSC business, voice concerns, and listen to presentations from University administrators. All meetings are advertised in the GPSCNews and all graduate and professional students are welcome to attend GA meetings.

Meeting minutes, taken by the GPSC Executive Secretary, are posted later on the website and circulated to representatives prior to the next meeting for approval. If you are interested in bringing an item of business or presentation to the General Assembly, please contact the GPSC Vice President at least five days in advance of meetings.

To learn about GPSC General Assembly parliamentary procedure, please click here (pdf).

To learn more about GPSC General Assembly, please visit here for GPSC By-laws Article IV.

Please click here for the GA handbook.


All GPSC meetings meet at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served about 15min prior to the meetings outside of the room. Meetings last for about 2 hours.

Fall Semester 2017

Spring Semester 2018

August 29
September 12
September 26
October 17
October 31
November 14
January 23
January 30 (tentative)
February 13
February 27
March 20
April 3 (tentative)


2017-18 General Assembly Representatives

Program GA Member 2017-2018
Art, Art History and Visual Studies (4 co-reps) Elizabeth A. Brown, Karlee Begendorff, Robin Klaus, Soo Yoon
Biochemistry Jennifer (Jie) Cheng
Bioethics and Science Policy VACANT
Biology Emily Ury
Biomedical Science, Masters Alexis Domeracki
Biomedical Engineering PhD (Rep 1) Jacqueline Robinson-Hamm
Biomedical Engineering PhD (Rep 2) Bradley Feiger, Brian Crouch
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (MS/PhD) VACANT
Business Administration VACANT
Cell and Molecular Biology Nicole Stantial, Hannah McMillan
Cell Biology Abby Leinroth
Chemistry (Rep 1) Felix Nwogbo
Chemistry (Rep 2) Steven Conklin
Civil and Environmental Engineering William Gerhard
Classical Studies Tori Lee
Clinical Research Training (Masters of Health Sciences in Clinical Research) VACANT
Cognitive Neuroscience VACANT
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics VACANT
Computer Science VACANT
Cultural Anthropology Jay Hammond
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Abdull Massri
Divinity, Theological Studies, Masters (Rep 1) Carie Dupree
Divinity, Masters (Rep 2) Mark Evans
Divinity, Masters (Rep 3) Rachel Meyers
Divinity, Masters (Rep 4) Julian Mercer
Divinity, Masters (Rep 5) Dylan Parson
Divinity, Masters (Rep 6) Matthew Rouse
Earth and Ocean Sciences Jessie Yang
East Asian Studies VACANT
Ecology Ryan Huang
Economics and Computation VACANT
Economics, MA (Rep 1) VACANT
Economics, MA (Rep 2) VACANT
Economics, PhD Luke Fesko
Electrical and Computer Engineering MS (Rep 1) VACANT
Engineering PhD VACANT
Engineering MEng VACANT
Engineering, Masters Aditya Kedia
Master of Engineering Management MEM Saketh Sai
Master of Engineering Management MEM VACANT
Master of Engineering Management MEM VACANT
English Carolin Benack
Environment (Environmental Science and Policy) Linchen He
Environmental Policy (University Program in.., UPEP) Bobby Harris
Nicholas Student Council (Environmental Management & Forestry) VACANT
Evolutionary Anthropology VACANT
Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Art, Masters VACANT
Genetics and Genomics VACANT
German Studies Corinna Edgorf
German Studies VACANT
Global Health VACANT
Historical & Cultural Visualization VACANT
History Kelsey L. Zavelo
Humanities VACANT
Immunology VACANT
Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Risa Gearhart
Law, JD (Rep 1) Daniel Marcus
Law, JD (Rep 2) Melanie Guzman
Law, JD (Rep 3) Ryan Martin
Law, JD (Rep 4) VACANT
Liberal Studies (Rep 1) Danielle (Dani) Gehle
Liberal Studies (Rep 2) Kathryn Daily
Literature VACANT
Management in Clinical Informatics VACANT
Management Science VACANT
Marine Science and Conservation Julia Bingham, Patrick Gray
Master of Arts in Teaching VACANT
Master of Management Studies (MMS) VACANT
Master of Management Studies (MMS) VACANT
Mathematics Sarah Ritchey
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS) Amy King
Medical Physics (MS/PhD) Ryan Pappafotis, Taylor Smith
Medical Scientist Training Matthew Draelos
Medicine (Rep 1) Mahsa Taskindoust
Medicine (Rep 2) Brahma Natarajan
Medicine (Rep 3) Alexander Roesler
Medicine (Rep 4) Sarah Alkilany
Medicine (Rep 5) VACANT
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Jared Brewer
Music Maxwell Ramage
Nicholas School, Masters of Environmental Management (Rep 1) Jason Lee
Nicholas School, Masters of Environmental Management (Rep 2) Soli Shin
Nicholas School, Masters of Environmental Management (Rep 3) Regan Fink
Nicholas School, Masters of Environmental Management (Rep 4) Reed Perry
Neurobiology VACANT
Nursing, ABSN (Rep 1) Young Tae Lee
Nursing, ABSN (Rep 2) Anna Fritz
Nursing, ABSN (Rep 3) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 1) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 2) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 3) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 4) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 5) VACANT
Nursing, MSN (Rep 6) VACANT
Nursing, PhD Robyn Wojeck
Pathologists’ Assistant Robert Bauer, Tyler Clement
Pathology VACANT
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Emma Dolan, Madeline Sell
Philosophy Ewan Kingston
Physical Therapy (Rep 1) Andrew Batchelder
Physical Therapy (Rep 2) Benjamin Ramger
Physical Therapy (Rep 3) Rebecca Arndt
Physician Assistant (Rep 1) Deanna Matthew
Physician Assistant (Rep 2) Erin Shiue
Physics Emily Phillips Longley
Political Science Utku Cansu
Political Science VACANT
Psychology and Neuroscience Sara Maurer
Public Policy, PhD Marwa K. Al-Fakhri
Public Policy, MPP Kevin Wu
Public Policy, MPP Augstin Gonzalez
Public Policy, MPP Meg Fee
Religious Studies Darryl Hunter
Romance Studies Elia Romera, Cristina Carnemolla
Slavic and Eurasian Studies VACANT
Sociology Susan Jacobs, Rayden Kaplan
Statistical and Economic Modeling VACANT
Statistical Science MSS VACANT
Statistical Science MSS VACANT
Statistical Science PhD VACANT
Structural Biology and Biophysics VACANT