Program Details

If you are a graduate or professional student and cannot afford to purchase food, school supplies, professional wardrobe, or travel due to a lack of financial resources, you are eligible to apply for the OneDuke Access Fund.  

UCAE will provide each grant recipient with a card pre-loaded with $200 (“Access Grant”). Access Grant recipients will not receive cash directly.  The $200 may be used for any vendor but only for the purposes listed in the students’ pre-selected Access Category. Students may receive an Access Grant once during their tenure as a graduate or professional student, however, students may apply as many times as they need. Students are not required to provide financial documents to apply. The Access Fund may not be used to reimburse a prior purchase. The Access Fund may not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any kind.

Each month, up to 6 students will be selected to receive an Access Grant via a blind random process. From the 6 accepted applications, 3 grants will be reserved for food requests, 1 grant for the professional wardrobe, 1 grant for travel and 1 grant for school supplies.  Grant recipients must submit a copy of receipts verifying their purchases within 14 days of receiving the grant.

Learn how to apply and then apply here.

Access Category



to provide access to food for student or student’s family

Professional Wardrobe

to provide access to clothing for interviews or conferences

School Supplies

to provide access to supplies necessary to succeed in the classroom, lab or field experience


to provide access to safe modes of transportation during difficult financial times