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Working toward a greener graduate experience at Duke.

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Duke Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) call for participation in a short survey/questionnaire about transportation and water usage at Duke. Please send any feedback regarding any (or all) of the following questions by March 19th to Anna Chavis ( or You can review these two fact sheets about transportation (pdf) and water usage (pdf) at Duke. Thanks for your participation!


  • What would encourage you to try an alternative form of transportation instead of driving to campus?
  • What is the most important way Duke could communicate about alternative transportation to change behaviors?
  • Based on the analysis thus far, where should Duke focus our transportation efforts – ex. different modes (carpool, bike, etc.), different audiences (employees, graduate students, etc.)?


  • Where do you notice water being wasted on campus?
  • Are there educational opportunities that we should focus on to encourage the Duke community to conserve water?
  • Based on the analysis thus far, where should Duke focus our water efficiency efforts – ex. top ten biggest users by building, highest users in dorms for educational value, etc.

Current and Past Projects


Free Recycling Bin Program: click “here” to sign up for a free recycling bin for your graduate student office or lab. (link to current content w/links to sign up page from gpsc recycling page)
Recycling Accessibility Audits


Greening Campout: In conjunction with DUGI and the Basketball committee, a special lunch event will be held with trash sort and composting demonstrations during Campout 2010!
Earth Day Trivia: held in conjunction with Social Life’s Thursty Thursday at the James Joyce Tavern in Durham

Greening GPSC

Working with members of the executive team and committee chairs to green the organization’s practices and procedures


Bus Signage Improvements: The GPSC Green Team has proposed several uniform improvements to the information provided at campus bus stops to a group of administrators including staff in the Parking and Transportation office, the University Architect’s office, and the sustainability office. Currently, a price and design schedule are being compiled along with a complete survey of the existing infrastructure.
Bikes: The GPSC Green Team has a group of students who are interested in working to improve the infrastructure, culture and accessibility of biking as a transportation alternative on campus. The exact activities of this group are still under consideration.

In addition to the committee’s work, described above, members of the team serve on various University Committees and subcommittees working on sustainability issues across campus. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please email