Here are couple of guides for helping get you through your graduate career at Duke. Do note that these guides are not updated regularly and may therefore contain outdated information. 
This is a free and comprehensive resource that is a collection of open college course that spans videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

Campus Recreation
The guide compiles recreation options on campus.

Housing Guide
This guide compiles a variety of university and local resources about finding housing and utilities. Also, check the Duke Community Housing Site, which offers a number of housing resources.

Family Guide
The family guide contains information about childcare, employment for spouses, and activities for children.

Health and Mental Health Care Guide
Want to know more about student health and health care? Here’s a guide to health care for students. It contains information about the latest insurance premium increase as well as services offered by student health.

Parking and Transportation
This guide talks about transportation at the university and around the local area. If you are specifically interested in a parking permit, visit the Duke Parking website.

Career Development
Each of the GnP schools here at Duke have their own career service centers.  This guide contains more information on each of them.

Legal Resources
This guide provides information for students seeking legal assistance. It compiles several resources about North Carolina laws and regulations.

Things to Do
Here is a guide of things to do when you have free time. It includes nightlife in Durham and Chapel Hill, outdoor recreation, cultural events, and more.

You can also check GPSC Tip of the Week page to learn some tricks at Duke.

There are also other online resources complied by school offices:



DukeList was originally designed to help Duke students pursue campus jobs, research, leadership and volunteer opportunities. Recently it has taken over Duke’s Trading Post.  The site is open to the entire Duke community. Anyone can search the site but you need your Duke NetID to post or reply to opportunities. You will be prompted to log in with your Duke Netid when you use those features.


If you are posting an ads only targeting at graduate and professional students, please include the keyword “graduate” in your ads either in ‘Post Title’ or ‘Description’.

For example, if you want to find a graduate student roommate, in the submission form, for ‘Type of Post’, please choose ‘Roommates'; for ‘Post Title’, type in ‘look for graduate student roommate'; for ‘description’, you may type in ‘I am a graduate student from …. I am looking for a graduate student …”. As always, more details/words in description will give your post more hit from searchings.

In this way, if others are looking for a graduate and professional students related post, he/she can just type in ‘graduate’ in the search form on the DukeList page to locate your posts.