Advertising with GPSC

Not Receiving the GPSCNews? Find it HERE!

Want your event in a professional, engaging, and entertaining newsletter!?! Advertise in the GPSCNews!!! All graduate and professional students receive the GPSCNews.

ALL Student groups receiving funding from GPSC are REQUIRED to advertise with GPSCNews. If students’ activities fees are paying for an event, the entire graduate and professional student population must be informed of the event made possible by their contributions!

The GPSCNews goes out every Monday, and all advertisement-requests MUST be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday; 5 days before the Monday that you would like your event announced. To limit the number of events per newsletter, we only announce events 2-weeks prior to their date; we will not announce events happening 3 weeks in the future as regular line listings.


NOTE: Again, to make sure your events are included in the Monday’s GPSCNews email, please submit them before 5PM on the Wednesday before.

If you want to POST YOUR EVENT ON THE GPSC CALENDAR, follow these steps (which are featured on the Homepage):

1) Create the event in your own GOOGLE calendar

2) Under event details, find the “Add guest” section and enter the calendar address:

3) Select the permissions you want under “Guests can”

4) Save the event

5) Check the Public Calendar to make sure your event appears


You Cannot Be Unsubscribed From The GPSCNews

Although the Communications Coordinator has great responsibility, he/she has surprisingly little power… GPSC sends out weekly GPSCNews via students-grad mailing list which is maintained by Duke OIT and school registrar. GPSC is just one of its users. Other school departments and school administrations also use it to send out important announcements. The Communications Coordinator merely composes the emails and then sends them to OIT, who actually sends the emails out to all students. The Duke University Registrar has mandated that ALL current graduate and professional students are automatically subscribed to the students-grad mailing list; and you can not be removed from the list if you are currently enrolled. We have tried to investigate the problem, but basically there is something that is keeping you “active” in the Duke Registrar system. This could be an unpaid parking ticket, an overdue library book, etc. It could be as simple as still having a duke email address. GPSC suggests that you contact the Duke University Registrar about this issue. Specifically, ask them to terminate your duke email address. The GPSCNews only goes to duke email addresses, so if you don’t have a a duke email address then you won’t receive the GPSCNews.


We also ask that all GPSC groups submit their events to the Events@Duke calendar found at:

Events@Duke ( and click the link “Submit an event” at the bottom of the page. A valid Duke NetID is required to login. Do remember to choose “Graduate Professional Student Council (GPSC)” from “Group” list, otherwise your event will not be included in GPSCNews. A step-by-step guide is attached below. [Please note:  browsers Internet Explorer and Chrome have a hard time on the Events@Duke site, please use FIREFOX in order to insure your event is saved properly.]

How-to Guide (pdf)

If you are already an administrator of your group on Events@Duke, please just select “Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)” from the pull-down list of “Co-sponsor(s)” when you submit an event as a group administrator.

NOTE: Again, to make sure your events are included in the Monday’s GPSCNews email, please submit them before 5PM on the Wednesday before.

Please contact the GPSC Director of Communications for more information.


If you want to submit a classified Ads or call for participation in a survey or research, please go to

Please visit here for more information.