Participate in GPSC!

Interested in becoming a part of GPSC? here’s how!

All graduate and professional students are Members of the Council.

1. Become a representative for your department

Each department has one or more representatives depending on its size. You can contact the secretary of your department to find out how you can become next year’s rep!

You can also contact the Executive Secretary to find out who your rep is and if your department is in need of a rep. Seats become vacant during the semester and can be difficult to fill.

2. Become a GPSC Executive member

For information click HERE

3. Apply to be on a committee or caucus

For information click HERE

4. Attend the General Assembly meetings, which take place once a month

For information click HERE

5. Run for GPSC Board of Trustees committees representatives

Please visit HERE for more information. GPSC GA elects BOT committees representatives in late Spring semester every year. For the information on elections please visit HERE.

6. Run for GPSC Young Trustee

Please visit HERE for more information. Each academic year, GPSC Young Trustee Screening Commitee selects three YT finalists from November to January. GPSC GA elects the YT on February. For the information on elections, please visit HERE.

7. Join/start GPSC affiliated student groups

There are close to 100 student groups affiliated to GPSC. They receive fundings from GPSC and organize various events. They have different interests and focuses. Please contact the GPSC Director of University Affairs for an updated list of affiliated groups and their contacts.

You may also initiate a new student group, please contact GPSC Director of University Affairs for more information.

All the information on applications and elections will be included in weekly GPSCNews. Please check your Duke e-mail account routinely.

If you have further questions, please contact GPSC at