YT Screening Committee

The Young Trustee Screening Committee shall oversee the screening process for the Council’s nomination for Young Trustee. The committee shall develop the application, screen the candidates, and present finalists to the Assembly.

The Young Trustee Screening Committee is elected yearly by the General Assembly. The Assembly shall elect one Chair and six other members of the Young Trustee Screening Committee when this committee is needed. Members of the screening committee are ineligible to run for Young Trustee; any member that has a perceived conflict of interest with Young Trustee candidates must excuse herself from the committee.

All currently enrolled graduate and professional students are eligible to run for the members or the Chair of this committee. To join the committee, please check GPSC election page for updates.

To learn more about the Young Trustee and its screening process, please visit here.

Current Members:

Travis Knoll (Chair),PhD program, History

Colleen McClean, PhD program, Immunology

Joyce Zhang,PhD program, Immunology 

Felix Nwogbo, PhD program, Chemistry

Shaoqing Ge, PhD program, Immunology

Mahsa Taskindoust, Medicine 

Reed Perry, PhD program, Environmental Management