Executive Committee

The GPSC Executive Committee officers are elected by the GPSC General Assembly each spring. The Executive Committee meets regularly and oversee various operations and committees. The Executive Committee is composed of 13 members:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Attorney General
  • Executive Secretary
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of University Affairs
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Advocacy
  • Director of Student Life (2 positions)
  • Director of Community Outreach
  • Director of Academic Programming
  • Director of Communications

For details on the responsibilities of each role, see the Responsibilities section below.

2020-2021 Executive Committee

To contact the committee, see the contact page.

President Jay Lusk
Vice President Johanna Kluck
Attorney General Aliesha O’Raw
Executive Secretary Ian McClean 
Director of Finance Brian Roach
Director of Operations Shreyas Hegde
Director of University Affairs PJ Gorman 
Director of Academic Programming Maya Evanitsky 
Director of Advocacy Reshma Nargund
Director of Community Outreach Bella Walker 
Co-Director of Student Life Connor Murray 
Co-Director of Student Life Yair Koenig
Director of Communications Aye Sutherland

Executive Committee Responsibilities

For a full description of responsibilities, please review the GPSC bylaws.


The President is the chief spokesperson of the Council and is the official liaison between the Council and all outside bodies, both inside the University community and outside.

Contact the President for: ideas, thoughts or concerns regarding Graduate Student Life that you would like GPSC to focus on or discuss, if you are interested in serving in any capacity with GPSC, or if you would like to propose a co-sponsorship with a campus wide initiative.

Vice President

The Vice President oversees the activities of committees and student groups with the aide of the committee chairs and the Director of University Affairs. They also coordinate agenda planning for the executive committee and general assembly meetings throughout the year. The Vice President serves as Presiding Officer and vote tie breaker during meetings.

Contact the Vice President if you would like to present at one of our general assembly meetings! Anyone may request to present at our meetings. Presenting at the GA might include: proposing a bylaw amendment, presenting a resolution, reporting on committee activities, or presenting relevant information to the GPSC student body (such as upcoming events or ways for students to become involved in the community). The Vice President will work with you and the appropriate Executive Committee member to coordinate a GA presentation, or disseminate information to the student body appropriately.

Attorney General

The Attorney General serves as the Parliamentarian of the Assembly and assists the Council in preparing resolutions and internal policy.  The Attorney General also conducts an annual review of the Bylaws to ensure the Bylaws reflect current practices of the Council.

Contact the Attorney General for:bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, or judicial concerns.

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary keeps a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Assembly and the Executive Committee.  The Executive Secretary also manages the General Assembly representative seating and attendance.

Contact the Executive Secretary for: General Assembly representative seating, attendance, and meeting minutes.

Director of Operations

The GPSC Director of Operations responsibilities include managing and maintaining the GPSC House (306 Alexander Avenue, Durham), approving any GPSC House student events, reserving the meeting space and provides food/supplies for both the General Assembly and the Executive Committee meetings, and overseeing the GPSC Community Pantry and GPSC Emergency Travel Fund Committees.

Contact the Director of Operations for: reserving the GPSC House for your event, providing feedback/concerns/suggestions for the GPSC House or GPSC meeting food options, and learning more about the GPSC Community Pantry or the GPSC Emergency Travel Fund.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for the handling of all approved budgeted and allocated Council funds, which consists of preparing the Annual Budget (to be approved by the General Assembly), maintaining an up-to-date log of disbursements and transactions, organizing Student Group Funding with the Director of University Affairs, and chairing the Finance Committee.

Contact the Director of Finance for: questions/proposals for the GPSC Annual Budget and Student Group Funding concerns.

Director of University Affairs

The Director of University Affairs coordinates the Council nomination process for members of the General Assembly to internal and external committees and manages GPSC affiliated groups.

Contact the Director of University Affairs for: internal and external committee seating and questions regarding GSPC affiliation of student groups.

Director of Advocacy

The Director of Advocacy focuses on broad issues affecting graduate and professional students at the local, state, and national levels, and keeps the General Assembly members aware of what’s happening, how GPSC is involved, and what they can do to help. They oversee the Advocacy and Diversity Committees, and conduct voter registration. The Director of Advocacy will be keeping an eye on issues of student advocacy on campus and represent GPSC to the administrators if necessary, as well as being the Council’s official contact to the National Association of Graduate and Professional Schools (NAGPS). They organize two sponsored visits to DC to advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students, one in each semester.

Contact the Director of Advocacy for: questions about what types of advocacy GPSC is involved in, suggestions for how we can do more to ensure we are representing everyone and taking action on the relevant issues for our community, if you’d like to visit DC with us, or if you’d like to volunteer for Fall and Spring Voter Registration.

Directors of Student Life

The two Directors of Student Life coordinate and organize social programs for the graduate and professional student community, promote Student Life events through GPSC Newsletter and through social media, and co-sponsor events to foster collaboration among different graduate and professional student organizations.

Contact the Directors of Student Life for: event information, suggestions, questions, or if you would like to get involved.

Director of Community Outreach

The Director of Community Outreach organizes regularly occurring community outreach/service programming and promotes communication and collaboration among campus community service groups. They have two major focuses: cultivating a sense of community amongst all graduate and professional students, and arranging events for Duke students to engage with the greater Durham community.

Contact the Director of Community Outreach for: getting involved with community outreach, if you are interested in helping planning exciting events for all graduate and professional students, or want to know or share more about Durham based organizations.

Director of Academic Programming

The Director of Academic Programming acts as a resource with regard to University policies and academic affairs, including the broader issues of diversity, harassment, discrimination and due process. The Director of Academic Programming also manages the GPSC Lawyer Assistance Program. 

Contact the Director of Academic Programming for: questions about University resources and policies, Alumni events and resources, career services, and the Lawyer Assistance Program.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is responsible for GPSC’s advertising via the weekly GPSC Newsletter, managing GPSC listservs, and maintaining the GPSC website.

Contact the Director of Communications for: questions about the newsletter, where to find information on the GPSC website, or general questions about GPSC if you are unsure who else to ask.