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Jay Lusk

Contact the President for ideas, thoughts or concerns regarding Graduate Student Life that you would like GPSC to focus on or discuss, if you are interested in serving in any capacity with GPSC, or if you would like to propose a co-sponsorship with a campus wide initiative.

Jay is a second year student in the MD/MBA Program. He graduated from Yale-NUS College with a degree in Life Sciences before starting medical school, and is originally from Flagstaff, AZ. His professional interest include quality improvement and patient safety in addition to health policy. When he’s not working on GPSC business he sings in the Barbershop quartets Wordplay and Soundtrack

Vice President

Johanna Kluck

Contact the Vice President if you would like to present at one of our general assembly meetings! Anyone may request to present at our meetings. Presenting at the GA might include: proposing a bylaw amendment, presenting a resolution, reporting on committee activities, or presenting relevant information to the GPSC student body (such as upcoming events or ways for students to become involved in the community). The Vice President will work with you and the appropriate Executive Committee member to coordinate a GA presentation, or disseminate information to the student body appropriately.

Jo is a graduate student in the Nicholas School of the Environment. Jo came to Duke University directly from undergrad at Wartburg College in Iowa where she studied Environmental Sciences. Professional interest includes Environmental policy and risk regulation. Jo always enjoyed making music, and was heavily involved in concert band during undergrad. Since coming to Duke, she continued to keep the traditional alive by playing and singing with the best unofficial official band in the Nic School, the Freeriders!

Attorney General

Aliesha O’Raw

Contact the Attorney General for bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, or judicial concerns.

Executive Secretary

Ian McClean

Contact the Executive Secretary for General Assembly representative seating, attendance, and meeting minutes.

Ian is a sixth year PhD student in the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in the German Studies, where his work focuses on a formerly unidentified queer revolutionary impulse within German literature of the 1770’s. In his free time, Ian enjoys playing violin, learning languages and cooking.

Director of Operations

Shreyas Hegde

Contact the Director of Operations for reserving the GPSC House for your event, providing feedback/concerns/suggestions for the GPSC House or GPSC meeting food options, and learning more about the GPSC Community Pantry or the GPSC Emergency Travel Fund.

Shreyas is a third year PhD student in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEMS). His research work is in the area of gas turbine compressor aeromechanics. Prior to his arrival at Duke Shreyas obtained his undergrad degree from NITK-Surathkal, India. He is an aero enthusiast and loves aircrafts particularly the engine component. He often spends free time reading about aircraft engines and following some of the latest news in the Aerospace industry.

Director of Finance

Brian Roach

Contact the Director of Finance for questions/proposals for the GPSC Annual Budget and Student Group Funding concerns.

Brian is a nursing student in the ABSN program at Duke School of Nursing. Prior to Duke, he had a career in commercial and investment banking in NY, San Diego and San Francisco. More recently he managed a family business Boston and worked as an EMT in Santa Clara, CA. After nursing school, he hope to work in a critical care in a major east coast medical center. His previous education includes MPPM from Yale University and B.S. from Bentley College. Brian is originally from Boston, which, yes…means he’s a hardcore Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox fan.

Director of University Affairs

PJ Gorman

Contact the Director of University Affairs for internal and external committee seating and questions regarding GSPC affiliation of student groups.

Director of Advocacy

Reshma Nargund

Contact the Director of Advocacy for questions about what types of advocacy GPSC is involved in, suggestions for how we can do more to ensure we are representing everyone and taking action on the relevant issues for our community, if you’d like to visit DC with us, or if you’d like to volunteer for Fall and Spring Voter Registration.

Reshma is a third year PhD student at the Nicholas school of the Environment focusing on the effects of metals exposure in newborns. Before starting her doctoral program at Duke, she received her Masters in Public Policy at the University of Maryland. Reshma is particularly interested in science communication and taking science to a wide audience.

Co-Director of Student Life

Connor Murray

Contact the Directors of Student Life for event information, suggestions, questions, or if you would like to get involved.

Hi Blue Devils! Connor was born in Rhinebeck, NY, and graduated from Stony Brook University where he studied History and swam collegiately. After college, Connor enlisted in the U.S Navy and spent six and half years globetrotting with the military. He has been to over 25 countries on three deployments- twice to the Middle East and once to Italy. Previous career as a helicopter rescue swimmer cemented his passion for austere environment medicine that he hopes to expand as a student in the Duke Nursing School. In his free time, he enjoys anything outside or on the water with his precious pup, Scout. As your Student Life Director, I promise to advocate for your well being and ensure you to have some fun in between your busy lives!

Co-Director of Student Life

Yair Koenig

Contact the Directors of Student Life for event information, suggestions, questions, or if you would like to get involved.

Born in Maryland and raised on the south shore of Long Island, Yair (pron: yah-ear) studied Political Science at CUNY Queens College and is thrilled to now be enrolled in Duke Divinity School’s MTS program. A man of many hats, Yair is an IDF veteran and has dabbled in business development, communications and baking but is now looking forward to a career in family mediation. In his free time he can be found kayaking, biking and obsessing over his little dog Happy. His totem is the great American Bison.

Director of Community Outreach

Bella Walker

Contact the Director of Community Outreach for getting involved with community outreach, if you are interested in helping planning exciting events for all graduate and professional students, or want to know or share more about Durham based organizations

Director of Academic Programming

Maya Evanitsky

Contact the Director of Academic Programming for questions about University resources and policies, Alumni events and resources, career services, and the Lawyer Assistance Program.

Maya is a fourth year graduate student in the Genetics and Genomics program. Her thesis project focuses on the molecular pathways that control bone regeneration in zebrafish. Beyond the lab, Maya is interested in science policy and advocating for the LGBT+ community in STEM.

Director of Communications

Aye Sutherland: 

Contact the Director of Communications for questions about the newsletter, where to find information on the GPSC website, or general questions about GPSC if you are unsure who else to ask.

Aye is a nursing student in the ABSN program at the Duke School of Nursing. Before nursing school, she had a career in HR and Health Administration. Her career passion is community health with prior work experience advocating for affordable healthcare options for the underserved and underprivileged population in Southern Arizona. Aye received her first undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from Boise State University – Go Broncos! After nursing school, she hopes to work at “Big Duke” in an intensive care cardiac unit and empower the Durham community through volunteering at free clinics, providing health education, and promoting heart-healthy behaviors through diet and exercise. In her free time, she enjoys exploring NC with her husband and two pugs!


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GPSC House: 306 Alexander Ave., Durham NC, 27705