General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main legislative body of GPSC. The General Assembly meets regularly to discuss GPSC business, voice concerns, and listen to presentations from University administrators. It is made up of representatives from every department and program across Duke University. One representative is given to each department, and additional representatives are granted per each additional 100 students enrolled in the program. (For example, a program with 99 students receives one representative. A program with 100 students receives 2 representative seats.) Representatives are appointed by each department or program individually.

Representatives are appointed in August. Contact the GPSC Executive Secretary for questions about General Assembly representation

Look up your GA Rep 2020-2021 here!


All meetings are advertised in GSPC news, and all graduate and professional students are welcome to attend GA meetings.

Voting Records

GA Representatives vote on behalf of their departments/degree programs. Voting records will be available in the fall. 

GA Elections 

During the regular school year, the GPSC General Assembly elects candidates for the following positions below:

  • Young Trustee Screening Committee (early Fall semester)
  • Young Trustee (start from November 1st, final election on early Spring semester)
  • GPSC Executive Board (late Spring semester)
  • Representatives to the Board of Trustees Standing Committees (late Spring semester)
  • Basketball Committee Chairs (late Spring semester)

All elections are carried out as described in the GPSC Bylaws under the auspices of the GPSC Attorney General.


The Bylaws of the Graduate and Professional Student Council serve as rules for governance of the Council.  The Bylaws contain information about the purpose and mission of GPSC, membership and governing bodies, legislation, meetings, voting procedures, committees, student group funding, and more.

GPSC Budget 

The GPSC budget, maintained by the Director of Finance, is approved by the General Assembly each spring.  The budget allocates graduate and professional student fees.

The 2020-2021 budget approved by the General Assembly in Spring 2020 can be viewed here.

Please contact GPSC Director of Finance for more information.