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Current General Assembly reps may access password-protected materials via Duke Box. Your user account is your Duke NetID (ex. abc123) and its associated password. Once your logged into Duke box click on the General Assembly folder to view the GA resources.


Representative Duties

General Assembly representatives serve the students of their programs as the Graduate and Professional Student Council legislators. They are responsible for bringing the special concerns of their constituents to the General Assembly meetings and leaving the General Assembly meetings with new information for their constituents. 

What must you do as a GA representative?

  • You must attend the GA meetings! If your attendance is low, you will lose the privilege of participating in important votes such as the Young Trustee and Executive Committee elections. See the GA Rep Handbook for rules governing absence.
  • Communicate with your constituents. GA representatives should send out a summary of each meeting to the students they serve. For a helpful guide to structuring your meeting summaries, take a look at past GA meeting minutes.
  • Serve on a committee. All GA representatives must devote time to the general operations of GPSC. To this end, representatives are seated to either internal committees or external committees at the start of the fall semester.
  • Be informed and communicative. Materials are often sent out before an important item is presented at the GA – read them! Further, you should elicit the opinions of the students you serve to guide your votes. Materials for the upcoming GA meetings can be found in the GA representative login portal.

What can you do as a GA representative?

  • Introduce legislation. GA representatives are in control of the governance of GPSC. As such, representatives can propose legislation in the form of bylaw changes or resolutions at the GA meetings. To present legislation at the GA meetings, contact the Vice President.
  • Request items to discuss. All GPSC members can request time on the GA meeting agenda, and GA representatives are no exception! If there is an important topic you think the GA should address, submit to the GA meeting agenda.

How are GA meetings conducted?

GA meetings are relatively large. To promote order and allow minority opinions to be heard, we conduct each meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. At the GA Rep Retreat held before the first fall GA meeting, then again at the first fall GA meeting, a brief lesson in Robert’s Rules of Order is provided.

Missed the tutorials or need a refresher?

View the Robert’s Rules of Order flow chart and the examples below.

Robert’s Rules Flowchart (PDF) Download

Come to the GA Rep Retreat!

Each year before the fall semester meetings begin, we offer a day-long retreat for representatives to learn more about GPSC and their role as a GA representative. The retreat is open to new and returning representatives. Check our events page for more information.

GA Rep Handbook

General Assembly Representative Handbook
August 2018 Download