Resources for Student Groups

Student group leaders meeting are now being funded! Please reach out to the Director of Finance to know more.


GPSC offers funding to affiliated student groups. The GPSC Finance Committee prefers to fund events and activities that have the following components:

  1. Have unique academic value;
  2. Raise awareness of other cultures;
  3. Benefit others (such as community service, fundraisers, etc.);
  4. Satisfy a need in the Duke/Durham community;
  5. Demonstrate cross-campus collaborations.

Is your group eligible for funding?

  1. Your group must be affiliated with GPSC through dukegroups. Learn about the affiliation process here.
  2. Your group must have a FundCode issued by UCAE or your Graduate/Professional school. Learn about the FundCode application process here.
  3. Your group must advertise all previous and future GPSC-funded events in the GPSCNews. Submit an event to GPSCNews here.

Funding restrictions

Due to limited funding, GPSC cannot fund certain high-cost items. The GPSC bylaws state:

“Items that will not be considered for funding include alcohol, scholarship, and travel expenses to an event.”

For a full description of the funding guidelines, review the GPSC Special Rules of Order.

The funding review process

Applications are reviewed by the Finance Committee and approved by the General Assembly. For the summer funding cycle, the Executive Committee approves the funding recommendations as the GA is in recess. The Finance Committee will review applications on a rolling basis during the regular semester. Group funding must be approved by the General Assembly. Funded groups will be informed of funding decisions no later than four weeks after application submission.

Post-event report

All GPSC funded student groups must submit a post-event report, including a copy of their receipts for all purchases or reimbursements, as soon as possible after the event has occurred. Failure to save receipts or inappropriate spending of GPSC funds will result in a loss of funding privileges for future funding cycles.


The finance committee has the right to audit student groups to ensure funds are spent properly within the guidelines of the GPSC Bylaws.


The Directors of Student Life can co-sponsor events to foster collaboration among different graduate and professional student organizations.

To apply for event co-sponsorship, contact the Directors of Student Life.

Alumni Engagement Fund

The Alumni Engagement Fund is a unique opportunity for GPSC affiliated student groups to engage with the over 160,000 Duke alumni by offering some assistance with bringing alumni back for events, and providing an avenue for food funding for the alumni specific event. Working with the Duke Alumni Association, we hope to encourage GPSC affiliated student groups to reach out to alumni from programs or institutions that can help focus members, give career and academic advice, and provide examples of successful career transitions following your time at Duke.

Guidelines for the Alumni Engagement Fund are as follows:

  1. Alumni Speaker Travel/Lodging : Maximum of $300 per speaker/alumnus
  2. Food for Student/Alumni Engagement Event: Maximum of $100

Decisions for funding through the Alumni Engagement Fund will be through the Alumni Engagement Committee. There will be an available application, with applications being reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please be aware that the Alumni Engagement Committee may ask for additional information when the time comes.

If your student group is engaging an alum of The Graduate School (PhD, MS, AM, MFA, or MAT degrees) through the GPSC Alumni Engagement Fund, consider asking one of your members to interview the alum for profile in The Graduate School’s Alumni Profiles series. It’s a great opportunity for a student to carve out 20 minutes of one-on-one time with an alum in a career of interest and begin building a portfolio of professional online communication. The Graduate School provides the questions and the editing support to ensure that both the student and the alum are represented professionally. Here’s how to get started. Questions? Contact The Graduate School’s professional development team at

For more information about the Alumni Engagement Fund, contact the Attorney General.

Alcohol Policy

Will there be alcohol at your GPSC-funded event? Review our alcohol policy.

Any questions about GPSC funding for student groups? Contact the finance committee.